Author’s Fireside

Ha! Fooled you. My fireside is strategically placed inside my boudoir. So relax, slip into something comfortable while I fix you a drink…

Well, now we’ve both gotten comfortable, let me explain. This page is to give you information on Daniel Ribot the writer, author of Floppybootstomp and soon to be a published novelist. The book in question, with the natty little title of ‘Vampsov 1938’, will be published in America by Omnium Gatherum Press. I suppose that at some point I’ll have to do a proper authors website with links to Amazon and Paypal, but as I haven’t got round to it, this will have to do.


A little about Vampsov 1938; the book is a historical dark fantasy, set in 1938, about a KGB unit in the Soviet Union whose purpose is to eliminate vampires.  Ludmilla, the group’s commander takes the fight to the undead discovering links between European fascism and vampires (both obsessed by blood, soil, aristocracy and inheritance). The intrepid Stalinsts take on Dracula,  and will eventually face the Nazis themselves…

Vampsov 1938 is launched on June 7th 2013 and is available on Amazon to pre-order.

If you want to get in touch about Vampsov, writing, music or comics (anything to do with the blog really),  e-mail me at Thanks. You know where the door is, do come back and visit sometime.

  1. A nice little short story of mine for you, published in the amazingly titled ‘Sex and Murder’ magazine:

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