by a window!

Looking Pensive. Wellington Bay Behind Me

Welcome to my webspace. I’m Daniel Ribot a writer of speculative fiction, lecturer, translator and comic book obsessive. This page will tell you very little about me other than the facts previously outlined, due to my irrational panics over identity theft. Oh, and Floppybootstomp is a song by Captain Beefheart (on  his ‘Shiny Beast: Bat Chain Puller’ album).  I live in Leicester, my personal life is dull, I speak Spanish like a native (Because I am one) and I have a PhD in Mexican Political Cartoons and Comics from the University of Nottingham. Bored you yet? Thought so. 

  1. Here be the lyrics of Floppybootstomp (whatever it all means…)

    The floppy boot stomped down into the ground
    The farmer screamed ‘n blew the sky off the mountains
    Eye sockets looked down on the chestbone mountains
    ‘n the sun dropped down, ‘n the moon ran off,
    His heels ‘n elbows pale as chalk
    ‘n all the comets collided ‘n blew t’ dust
    For fear they’d be seen.
    ‘n the sky turned white in the middle of the night
    ‘n the sky turned white in the middle of the night
    ‘n the big floppy boot stomped down into the ground
    ‘n the red violin took the bow
    to do the hoodoo hoe-down
    ‘n the red violin took the bow
    for to do the hoodoo hoe-down
    The farmer jumped in ah circle ‘n flung his chalk right down
    Do-si-do the devil sho’ showed ‘n he broke of his horns
    ‘n fiddled him down the road
    through the fork
    ‘n the farmer’s floppy boot stomped down
    Red tail squirmin’ and the hot leg kicked
    ‘n the fire leaped ‘n licked
    And when the boot came up, the fire went out
    And hell was just an ice cube melting off on the ground.
    And the bold caught down for to do the hoodoo hoedown
    And the bold caught down for to do the hoodoo, the devil hoedown
    To the fork, huddlin’ in a hollow, standin’ at the crossroads
    With that bunged-up bandaged broken bum that fell in the wrong circle
    He had a sole red tail – once went red, now was pale
    Fe Fi Fo Fum he was summoned up from hell
    Booted down a spell
    By a square-dancin’ farmer
    By a square-dancin’ farmer, well
    That old bum was sticking out his thumb
    When the farmer drew up, said
    “Listen son”, and the horse compared his hooves.
    “If you fall into my circle again I’ll tan your red hide
    And dance you on your tail, and pitch you from now to now
    Pitch you from now to now.”
    And the hotlick kicked, and the fire leaped an’ licked
    And the hotlick kicked and the fire just leaped an’ licked
    And the hotlick kickin’ an’ the fire jus’ leapin’ an’ lickin’
    And the fire leaped and licked.

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