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Vampsov Launched (finally)

Hearken, I bear tidings for thine ears (or eyes), my lackadaisical collection of followers…

So here it is: Less than 2 weeks from now, on October 17th I will be staging a launch party for my novel Vampsov 1938: A Spectre Haunting Europe.

And you are all invited!

Not that any of you needs an excuse to party, but I suppose some explanation is required as to why I’m doing this now, nearly two years since the book first hit the streets. I mean how slow is that? What are you playing at, dragging those floppy boots of yours so slowly? Well, yeah, you got me there, but I have an excuse see, I was out of the country or skint or both during large chunks of that time. Only now do I have my shit together sufficiently to stage any sort of bacchanalian extravaganza (is that what book launches are? Do I need more Monster Munch?).

Vampsov, rides into town

Vampsov, rides into town

Better late than never, I think. I also wanted to put on an event like this in case I never get another credible reason to hold one. Writing is hard, getting published even more so, who knows if I will ever finish another book? So many possible slips between cup and lip, it’s like drinking tea out of a strainer. The main thing holding me together while I worked on the book were my friends, fellow writers, and family. So I’m giving you this party, to celebrate your help, kindness and the kind of bollockings that in hindsight can be recast as ‘support’.

So, the room is booked… Phoenix Square, no less, the books have arrived and the bar has chilled the beer to perfection. I have a new pen to sign and dedicate any books I sell, I have a stockpile of tasty snacks awaiting. Everything is ready.

All I need now is your esteemed company for the evening (kick-off is at 7 pm).

I look forward to seeing you there!

A corn snack tailor-made for Soviet Vampire hunting book launches.

A corn snack tailor-made for Soviet Vampire hunting book launches.

PS Staging any kind of literary thing in the East Midlands and especially Leicester is difficult as there are now so many great things happening all year round. The date I chose deliberately avoided the Everybody’s Reading festival, the FantasyCon at Nottingham, Alex Davis’s writers day in Derby, which coincides in terms of date but not time (some people I know are coming to my launch after a day at that event). In a sense it is a good headache to have, as it shows how busy and vibrant things areat the moment. Long may it continue!

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