Newspost — 8

Greetings and salutations and a jolly summer to you all. Plenty of stuff happening to tell you about, so let’s get down to brass tacks. First, I had a huge influence on local politics, oh yeah. I brushed past Peter Soulsby at a public event (he was later elected Mayor of Leicester; I’d like to think his walking past me as I headed up Rutland street had a decisive impact on his campaign). On the other hand, I totally missed the zombie invasion of Leicester. Can’t win them all.

But back to the real world…

* Krys Wysocki and Richard Farren Barber have both recently had their writing appear in anthologies. It’s always great when friends find success. A tip of the old topper to you guys.

Krys Wysocki, Brenda Bernard and other people I know appeared here (A Leicester Writing School Anthology, published by Pewter Rose)

* James (Jim) Worrad has flown off to San Diego in California to take part in the 2011 Clarion SF Writers Workshop. He’ll spend six weeks writing, scrunching up his Panama hat in frustration and doing unspeakable things to space-sharks. He’s even started blogging, so he must be serious. Bon chance, mon ami.

* StarBase Leicester co-hosted the Phoenix SF film festival. A stonking success that hosted a rare showing of 2001, A Space Odyssey. The event also held a signing by SF writer Gavin Smith. Me, I watched Moon and Brazil (again) and talked to a lot of people. Great day all round. The Phoenix will soon become the ‘home’ of StarBase as the Dark Side Cafe is (sadly) facing closure.

2001: walking down corridors with attitude

* Not straying from the venue, the Phoenix Writers organized their own all-day hogfest. Me, I presented a workshop on Shaggy Dog Stories – Don’t ask me why I like them, I just do – and others hosted equally interesting sessions. Maria Smith gives an overview of it all here..

* Alt.Fiction returned this year (and I attended a fab Sunday session). It really is a great little festival, putting us in the East Midlands on the map. Went to a couple of workshops hosted by Dan Abnett and Juliet McKenna which were both good.


* The Grassroutes Project is busy rootling out multicultural writers based in Leicester.. It’s even going to publish a guide comparing Leicester and London in terms of writing talent (hardly fair on the vain, inconsequential metropolitan pseuds, but there you go). If you are a multicultural writer, or know someone who fits the bill, get in touch with Corinne Fowler at Leicester University

* Get Leicester Reading is gearing up for October. It seem that The Speculators will be running an event or two, possibly in the Central Library and probably with high-profile invited guests. I have put myself at the disposal of Damien Walter (who knows about these things) to help out where and when needed.

* Started on a new writing project and seriously considering self-publishing. All I need is an illustrator and an editor to get things into shape before releasing them to the world. According to the Guardian, it’s the way to go. A big advantage is that you can set a price that doesn’t rip off your readers like conventional E-publishers are doing.

* Mark E Cotterill has left the editorship of The Avatar (StarBase Leicester’s fanzine). It’s a shame he’s gone (although his new pet project is learning to fly a helicopter, which seems quite exciting). Good luck to Mark and to the Avatar for the future. Hope they both do well.


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  1. When its all written down in front of you like this, a lots happening around the East Midlands for writers and readers. It great!


  2. Hi, yes I am sort of sorry to be leaving Avatar, but also sort of glad to have started it and interested to see if it dies without me or carries on.

    I have always thought that the Starbase Leicester and Speculators connection was one which could prove very fruitful in the future, I don’t know, maybe someone who’s in both groups could somehow link the two together?

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