News Post — 7


 Ooh, been months since I updated you on what’s been happening in my little corner of the multiverse. As always, there have been big chunks of ennui, despond and insouciance to get through, and the world outside is getting scarier by the day (see New Zealand -quake, Japan -Tsunami, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran – political turmoil, Portugal – economic meltdown… etc) but apart from the impending apocalypse, the main edited FBS news highlights are these:

* Jim Worrad has been accepted to the 2011 Clarion Workshop in San Diego. This six-week Californian summer school trains the next generation of superstar SF/Fantasy writers and is usually taught by top genre authors (John Scalzi, Elizabeth Bear) as the students’ writing skills are honed through constant workshopping. Congratulations, Jimmy boy! Sadly, even this life-changing opportunity has a downside. Poor Jim has had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the authorial fast-track of webdom. This involved the ignominy of signing up for facebook and twitter. Facebook, as it does, suddenly threw up a bunch of long-forgotten embarrassing images of poor ol’ Jim. This one is perhaps the best of them.

Jim Worrad in a fin de siecle mood (I guess).

* A bunch of writers I’ve been meeting with for ages to critique our scribbles has just got a name and logo (see below). I remember our early get-togethers in pubs, cafes and wherever we could commandeer a table to share writing, gossip and future plans. Well, we finally have some status as the Phoenix Square Cinema has given us a place on their website. We are now official! So, to my fellow ‘Phoenix Writers’; Maria Smith, Keith Morley, Keith Large, Sheila Kondras, Krys Wysocki, Pat Kings, Pete Kings, Sally Knight and Brenda Bernard, a tip o’ the ol’ topper from me.


* I have had a number of stories and articles appear since I last posted. Mostly, these have been in horror publications (Dead Mans Tome, Violent! (forthcoming) and Sex & Murder). The Avatar also published a wee story of mine in their third issue. Meanwhile, I had a couple of articles on this very blog featured in the Starbase Leicester/Avatar 2011 Annual.


* Talking of Starbase, they held a couple of fun events that I managed to attend. A Quiz Night (February) and a Superhero Night (March) both held in Lucie’s splendid Dark Side Cafe. Word on the street is that there will be a Starbase film festival at the Phoenix Square in the summer. May 7th

* Conferences seem extremely popular at the mo. A bunch of people I know are off to Eastercon in Birmingham, I myself ventured to the 2nd States of Independence day conference organized for the small presses of the Midlands. Catherine Digman is also going to the York literary festival and is rounding up a possee for Winchester.   Alt.Fiction is coming round again as well. All go, it is.

* The Speculators, ‘Leicester’s Foremost Speculative Fiction Writers Group’ ™ is growing. We’re going to need a bigger room as weekly meeting numbers are starting to regularly attract double figures. Plans are afoot for more dreams and schemes and circus crowds that will hit the pipeline as soon as poss.

* Started reading lots of fantasy and sci-fi to bring my knowledge up to date. So far I’m faced with a China Mieville, a Gaiman, an RR Martin and a Bacigalupi. It should be fun, but the door-stop sizes do intimidate me somewhat. On a side-note, my WWII Stalinist vampire novel, Vampsov 1938 is now finally complete and looking for a publisher/agent. If I don’t place it within a year, gentle readers, I’ll let you have a free copy for your kindles/i-pads. If I do place it, drinks are on the house.

* Comic Book Classics will be on a hiatus for a few months. I have sixteen cracking comic books/authors in the series and I need to make sure the site does not become unbalanced in terms of content. It will be back in a few months, I expect, when I’ve run out of other stuff to write about.

Sorry kids, no more comics for a while...

All the best and may the springtime be kind to you.

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Lecturer, teacher, writer and traveller all perfectly good nouns aren't they? Do they have anything to do with me? Ask the taxman.

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  1. I’d like to explain to Floppy readers that I’m not as young now as I appear on the photo. Neither do I wear as many bandanas.

    • Luckily my youthful pics seem to have remained outside the clutches of the interweb. So far…

      Anyway, Jim, congrats again on getting the Clarion gig. May your awesomeness increase (verily).

  2. Thanks for the ‘props’ (I think that’s what the lingo is) and I am very interested in your novel! Keep us updated on when we can buy it and put me down for a signed copy when it comes out.

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