News Post –5–

  September draws to a close, mellow fruitfulness turns into just plain cold, darkness descends on the land as we hunker down to the new regime of austerity. As we speak there is a coup d’etat boiling away in Ecuador and Mad Men has been snapped up by SKY TV in their quest to trash the telly. Pay your taxes, Rupe, then go screw yourself.

Resistence to Coups d'etat. Not that easy...

But better news is afoot in the collective dingley-dell of my fair city. Here’s some of the highlights.

** Avatar issue one was great (I was in it) could it get much better? Oh, yes. Avatar 2 is now out with a story of mine. Again! So happy.

** Last night Graham Joyce came to visit The Speculators. He gave a really insightful talk about how he goes about the whole writing thing. He even gave out copies of his novel Requiem to those in attendance. Interesting to hear his views on re-writes (he does about four for each novel manuscript, the first being about structure, the last a line-by-line polish. Interesting stuff). I will probably blog more extensively about it unless someone else beats me to it.

** Speculostarbaser friends Chris Burnham and Mark Cotterill have both started blogs. Well done, dudes! The trick is to just keep going (as far as I’m aware that’s the trick. Might not be of course).

** Just read a fantastic novel The Five Moons of Planet Shangar. Probably the best high fantasy concept since, well, since Tolkien was a lad. Who is the author, though? And what will be the fate of the Princess Miskatonia?

** Couldn’t make it to Fantasycon (Holding out for Novacon and Newcon later in the year). Sad I missed it, particularly as Factor Fiction were up for a prize again (beaten by the mullet-headed Gaiman, but that’s no shame is it?).

** My retro kick is going into furious overdrive. Been reading Edgar Wallace, Sapper (Bulldog Drummond) and Mickey Spillane recently. Boy, those old timers could do plot! Lots of good technique in there as well as a few cultural gems (apparently the phrase “do you get me?” was around in the 1930s).

Mickey Spillane

** On a related old-time thang, my sister (a member of the Hazelmere Players amdram soc.) got to play a bit part in a professional production of Agatha Christie’s Witness For The Prosecution. Went down to see her on stage (she was just a member of the jury, no speaking, just there as a spearcarrier). Play was great, typical Christie – three plot twists in last two minutes – well done the Wycombe Swan theatre and cast.


** Met the talented John Coster, who runs the Citizen’s Eye newsagency. He has a plan to train up 2012 community reporters to cover the Olympic  games. It sounds an amazing project. Might even break the habit of a lifetime and volunteer.

** By next week the Getting Leicester Reading project should be cranking up. Lots of good stuff happening including Will Ellwood’s ‘Kick’ creative writing sessions, lots of stuff coordinated by The Bookdoctor, The Literacy Network, Writing East Midlands etc. Not involved myself (work and stuff getting in the way) but I will try and support events if I can.

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  1. Well if you liked Avatars 1 and 2 then there’s even more good news; we (by which i mean I) are doing an annual ready for Christamas.

    If you want to be in it, go ahead i can’t stop you. Maybe we could nick some of your excellent comic book articles, particularly flaming carrot.

    Ps sorry i couldn’t make Graham Joyce – but i have a note from my mum.

  2. Oh and thanks for the plug, i will keep writing!

    • No problem, always happy to plug good people doing interesting stuff. Nice to hear about the Avatar annual. Feel free to use my articles if you want. The one reason why I would hesitate to use the Flaming Carrot one is that it is so anti-superhero. I guess that most Starbase people would disagree with me on that one and I have no wish to annoy or irk them in what is, after all, a fan group for all things SF including X-men and the like. I might be wrong here, but this is a personal blog where I can say what I like, but The Avatar is a group thing. It should express stuff that will be of general interest to them, not harangue them. Us geeks get far enough of that thrown at us already.

  3. John Coster is one of the most high energy people I have ever met, what he has achieved in Leciester with CE is awesome and mind boggling. You should totally volunteer.

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